Trail Building

We build your bike park and pump track

Trail Building

How to build a bike park? Would you like to give value to your territory? Would you like to increase passages on lifts? Do you think that the bike product would be suitable for your location? Are you looking for a trusted professional team for investing in bikes? here are our services: 

Centro Bike Val di Sole, with its experience in the bike product, creates:

  • Bike Park with different trails for a wide potential target;
  • Pump Track: natural, with asphalt or modular;
  • Skill Park learning area where improve bike technical and driving skills;
  • Kids Park with easy trails perfect for kids and families;
  • Race Track downhill, cross country and marathon. We claim international experience in this sector, with good international recognition from the International Cycling Union.

We offer services both before and after the trail building, such as project management we drive you developing a bike product for your destination, able to enter the international market. Communication planning we realize with you an integrated marketing project because it is essential to tell the bike world what is happening in your destination regarding the bike.

Offered services:

  • early analysis of the location strengths and weaknesses;
  • realization of specific projects for bike development in touristic areas;
  • tracks planning (trails, single tracks, Northshore) of multiple difficulties;
  • tracks securing;
  • training for the management, maintenance, signals, and responsibility of the bike park;
  • consulting: communication planning of the product;
  • consulting about the adaptation of the accommodation as "bike-friendly" "bike hotel";

We consider our self-open-minded: in our concept are included in the following realizations: mtb skill park for bike schools, family biking with easy tracks, bike park suitable for a wide variety of targets with trails flow and North shore, natural bike park, using completely what the area offers, avoiding artificial actions as much as possible, racetracks for each level. The Bike Centre Val di Sole is located right in the pits of the World Cup Mountain Bike, it's many years since we host UCI World Cups and UCI World Champs. We are always in contact with the most important international bike movement in order to stay updated and to follow the trend of bike growth.

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