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Centro Bike Val di Sole - leader in the mountain bike business for more than 10 years in Val di Sole, in bike rental, store, creation, and maintenance of bike trails and bike parks - is based in Commezzadura at the Bike Park Val di Sole and the branch rental at the Bike Park at Passo del Tonale. We are looking for different figures for the upcoming summer season 2024. The period can go from April to October for the most complete ones.

Our manager will be pleased to receive candidates for an introduction meeting, after sending the application to with a detailed resume attached.



Our work involves doing hard work, getting your hands dirty and much more, sometimes long but rewarding days, taking responsibility and being faced with decision-making choices independently with knowledge of the problems and the best solution. The positions listed below are not mutually exclusive; in fact, those with more skills will have a better chance of working with us. We like to deal with competent and knowledgeable people with experience and ability to perform the different tasks for which we have prepared a description below. The more competence, seriousness, resilience, and dedication to work, the more you will be rewarded, including financially.




Responsibilities and duties:

Daily organization of bike reservations, management, and use of bike fleet management program, supervisor and responsible for any employees.

Daily check and maintenance of bikes, possible repair customer bikes and rental bikes if necessary.

Communication with main office for any eventualities.
Stock control of components in warehouse and advance communication for reassortment
Cleaning workshop, rental and protection


Excellent personal and employee management skills, positive and problem-solving outlook, sociable, not tied to the clock, passion for work and doing it professionally. Good knowledge of English and even better if German as well. Good knowledge of using computers and printers, apps and more generally technology. Competent, kind, disciplined and professional toward customers, loyal and sincere toward chiefs and co-workers. As well as being a biker and knowing Mountain biking and the world related to it. Good skills and experience in bicycle mechanics such as bleeding, replacing pads of major braking systems such as SRAM, guide, Shimano, adjusting wheels, replacing spokes, topping up tubeless fluid and valve change, adjusting shifter, replacing sheath and lanyard, aligning dropout, checking chain wear, replacing chain.
Have a B license.
Be a mountain biker with good skills and experience, including in gravity disciplines.
Elasticity and ability to change duties as needed.
Ability to work under pressure during the most stressful times.
Strong organizational and problem-solving skills.
Results orientation, initiative and team spirit.



Responsibilities and Duties:

Repair customer bikes and rental bikes.
Checking stock of parts in warehouse and advance communication for reorders.
Bike rental and protection help, as well as Check-in bike rental customers and check-out on return.
Overhaul delivered bikes.
Cleaning workshop, rental and protection.


Good to excellent skills and experience in bicycle mechanics and consequently know how to repair and solve any situation that arises in this field. For example: 

  • Brakes - Bleed, replace sheaths and nozzles, replace pads of major brake systems such as Sram, guide, shimano, magura, hope, formula, etc;
  • Wheels - Wheel realignment, channel or hub replacement, wheel spoking, spoke replacement;
  • Tubeless - make from scratch, clean and tape channel, refill fluid, change valve, insert sausage or mousse;
  • Transmission - adjust shifter, replace sheath and lanyard, align dropout, check chain wear, replace chain, clean and replace casing;
  • Bearings - remove and insert wheel bearings, bottom bracket, headset, freewheel.
  • E bike - know if how to operate the most common diagnostic programs (bosch and Shimano);

Good English language skills and knowledge, both in understanding and speaking.
Have a B license.

Be a mountain biker with good skills and experience in gravity disciplines.
Possess excellent interpersonal, communication and interpersonal skills with staff and customers.
Be able to work under pressure during the most messy times.
Strong organizational and problem solving skills.
Results orientation, initiative and team spirit.
Have a spirit of initiative.
Openness and predisposition to solve other roles in cases of need, more or less frequent depending on the occasion and contingencies, such as Trail building on bike park trails or help with rental-sales.
Be able to use computers with ease to be immediately familiar with rental and b2b management systems for parts orders.



Responsibilities and duties:

Daily preparation and maintenance of tools.
Use of off-road vehicles on mountain roads.
Use brush cutter, blower, chainsaw and hand tools such as pick, hoe, shovel, rake, etc.
Organizing work independently and with the team.
Management and control of consumables per equipment order in stock.

Prerequisites:Good experience and aptitude for manual labor and hard work, especially in the mountains and in the forest, as well as good experience in using power tools such as, brush cutter, blower, chainsaw, and hand tools such as hoe, pick, shovel, rake. Be in possession of a B driver's licence and have experience driving an all-terrain vehicle on mountain roads. Possess good interpersonal and organizational skills with other co-workers. Be predisposed to solve problems and unforeseen events that arise at the workplace, always striving to achieve the required result. Strong organizational and problem-solving skills, results orientation, initiative and team spirit. Have a good knowledge of the bike world. Knowledge of the area in question will also be in favor. (Val di Sole). Elasticity on different schedules and days of work due to make-ups for adverse weather conditions.



Responsibilities and duties:

Always operate from a customer safety perspective.
Coordinate activity appropriate to the client's abilities.


Be a dynamic, positive and sociable person.
Be in possession of a qualifying title and appropriate insurance coverage.
Good English language skills and knowledge, both in understanding and speaking, better if you also know German.
Have a B driver's license.
Be a mountain biker with good skills and experience in gravity disciplines.
Have excellent interpersonal and group management skills, as well as have good dexterity even with minors, alone or in groups, even in difficult situations.
Solve at the moment and with seriousness any problems in any situation.
Have a basic knowledge of bicycle mechanics to resolve any damage that may occur during courses or tours.
Strong organizational and problem solving skills, results orientation, initiative and team spirit.
Elasticity and ability to change tasks as needed to have the opportunity to extend the season by performing other duties (trail maintenance - rental and store - mechanic).


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