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Bike Park Val di Sole

Everything you need to know about Bike Park Val di Sole


The bike park develops from the intermediate station of the Daolasa cableway in Commezzadura, since 2006 a planned stop and only Italian appointment for the Mountain Bike World Cup. From a height of 1500, 4 trails have recently been built, some of which are in flow style and others more natural, up to the most challenging: the Black Snake World Cup course open throughout the year to all riders who want to put themselves to the test and  want to improve their own driving skills on really treacherous terrain. The ascent is guaranteed by a convenient and fast 8-seater gondola, which carries up to 3 riders with 3 bikes.
The lower part of the park ends with the little icing on the cake, in fact you arrive directly at the start of the four cross track (4x) where you can challenge your friends with your shoulders and see who comes first at the bottom of this path used every year for the Four Cross World Championship.

You can go up with the gondola up to the top at an altitude of 2000m where two mountain huts can be found: the Rifugio Solander and the Rifugio Orso Bruno higher up for a typical lunch, then you can access the enduro trails that lead everyone to the bottom of the valley and converge in Commezzadura (we recommend bike enduro).



Opening period: 

  • Saturday 8th June 2019 - Sunday 29th Semptember 2019


Bike Pass prices and timetable: 

The Bike Pass allows bikers to take their bikes to the mountains on all the Daolasa-Commezzadura, Folgarida and Marilleva lifts. It is available in different versions:

The card includes the following ski lifts:

  • Cabinovia Daolasa -Val Mastellina I° e II° Tronco ► 08.30 - 12.30; 14.00 - 17.15
  • Cabinovia Folgarida - Malghet Aut ► 08.30 - 12.30; 13.30 - 17.00
  • Cabinovia Copai - Malga Panciana ► 08.30 - 12.30; 13.30 - 17.00

Superskirama card valid for 5 bike parks:

This card offers the possibility of using the open facilities of Funivie Folgarida Marilleva, Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo, Pejo, Ponte di Legno – Tonale (ad esclusione del ghiacciaio Presena), Andalo – Fai della Paganella, Monte Bondone, Folgaria – Lavarone;

  • super skirama € 300,00, junior € 210, kids 150€


Bike Rental and Guide:

At the departure station of the lift in Commezzadura you can find our workshop rental and guide service. In our site you will find all the activities we organize and the rental prices. We recommend booking in advance to be sure of finding your favorite models and sizes.

Lenght MORNING 8.30-12.30 AFTERNOON 12.30-18.30 ENITRE DAY
MTB GUIDE* 80 € 80€ 140 €


BIKE PARK (protections included)

40€ 35€ 50€


BIKE PARK (protections included)

70€ 60€ 85€
E-BIKE 40€ 35€ 50€
E-BIKE FULL  50€ 45€ 60€
MTB KID 14€ 12€ 16€
MTB ADULT 18€ 16€ 22€

*Mtb guide is not mandatory, booking is preffered. 


Events planned:




  • Piazzale Telecabina Daolasa a Commezzadura (TN)
  • info@centrobikevaldisole.com
  • tel. +39 334 8575209


The Trails:

Four trails of varying difficulty in addition to the world-famous WORLD CUP course, where the best bikers in the world challenge each year. Riders will be able to "drop" the brakes along the GOLDEN EAGLE flow trail, completely refurbished in the lines. The medium difficulty WILD GRIZZLY course has also been completed almost completely natural and the path is always of medium difficulty WHITE WOLF. North shore, jumps, double, parabolic, roots, rock gardens ... Nothing is missing for a descent in pure Val di Sole style!

The downstream Bike Park ends in style with a FOUR CROSS track where you can have fun among bumps, parabolic troughs and rock gardens. At the departure station of the lift in Commezzadura you can find our workshop and guide service. In our site you will find all the activities we organize and the rental prices.




Video Piste Bike Park:



Webcam Bike Park Val di Sole:

Visit the enitre site of BIKEPARKVALDISOLE!


Everything you need to know about Bike Park Ponte di Legno Tonale


The bike park develops between Passo del Tonale, Ponte di Legno and upun Temù on 8 different trails. Our rental is located at the Valbiolo chairlift parking, at Passo del Tonale. The ascent is guaranteed by a fast chairlift that leads to the top at an altitude of 2,200mt, for the descent you can choose between three different trails of differing difficulty: easy, medium, difficult. Then your riding day can continue on others trail in Ponte di Legno and Temù. The key feature of the park is certainly the FLOW (sliding ground) the concept was to create trails that can be done even by those who have never tried to approach this discipline. But this does not mean that the most experienced riders cannot have fun. In fact, there are lots of doubles, roadgaps and insidious traits that will exploit the driving skills of the most experienced.
We also indulged in the construction of numerous, special and fun NORTHSHORE (wooden walkways) of the strangest shape!!!



Opening hours: 

  • Saturday 22th June - Sunday 8th September 2019


Bike Park tickets and timetable: 

The Bike Pass allows bikers to take their bikes to the mountains on all the Ponte di Legno, Passo del Tonale and Temù lifts. It is available in three different fares: 

  • Daily € 20,00
  • Only afternoon € 15,00 (starting from 13)
  • Weekly 6 gg € 80,00
  • Seasonal € 150,00

Embraces all those lifts: 

  • Seggiovia Roccolo Ventura (Temù) 
  • Seggiovia Valbione (Ponte di Legno)
  • Seggiovia Corno d'Aola* (Ponte di Legno)
  • Cabinovia Pontedilegno-Tonale 
  • Seggiovia Valbiolo (Tonale) 

* The 3-hour BikePass is valid from the time of first use.

** 50% DISCOUNT: kids (born after  30th April 2011) not acompanied by an adult.

    30% DISCOUNT: junior (born after  30th April 2003).

FREE for kids below 8 years old: For the Daily Bike Pass or 6 Days pass all children born after April 30, 2011 accompanied by an adult, receive the free pass of the same type and duration as that of the paying adult.

The daily Bike Pass, 3 hours and weekly can be purchased at the ticket offices of the individual plants, while the season only at the Paradiso cable car ticket office at Passo del Tonale.


Bike Rental and Guide:

Service, rental, assistance and guide (booking is recommended for the guide). The bike for rent are: NORCO AURUM A7.2, LAPIERRE DH 727, LAPIERRE froggy 24 ".
Find our Bike Center in the Ponte di Legno Tonale bike park square at Passo del Tonale Valbiolo chairlift where you can rent enduro, downhill and mtb bikes with assisted pedaling. You can rely on our mechanic who will take care of your vehicles in our workshop.
We are guides of the Cycling Federation and we offer courses / descent lessons and not only through all-inclusive package
We are also a clothing protection shop and specific bike products. We strongly recommend that you book the bike by phone at tel. +39 334 857 5209 to avoid any inconvinence :-)

MTB GUIDE* 80 € 80€ 140 €


BIKE PARK (protection included)

40€ 35€ 50€


BIKE PARK (protection included)

70€ 60€ 85€
E-BIKE (only on reservation) 40€ 35€ 50€
MTB KIDS 14€ 12€ 16€

* Guide is not mandatory, reservations are required if needed.



  • Piazzale Telecabina Valbiolo Passo del Tonale (TN)
  • info@centrobikevaldisole.com - www.bikeparktonale.com
  • tel. +39  334 857 5209



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Where to eat or drink:

At the top of the ski lift at 2244mt there is the Rifugio Valbiolo where you can eat something typical and drink an aperitif.


Webcam Bike Park Ponte di Legno Tonale:

Seggiovia Valbiolo


Visit the entire site here PONTEDILEGNOTONALEBIKE!

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