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Family Bike

Mountain bike family experiences in Val di Sole with amazing landscapes and pure nature, breathing fresh and clean air!

Cycle Path + Train

Ride Val di Sole Cyclepath along the Noce River and come back with the train

Our Bike Center in Val di Sole, with a wide free parking area , is directly connected to the cycle-path and to the train station. You can choose to climb until Cogolo or go down trhough the valley and then come back with the trenino Dolomiti Express. Included in the rental we offer a safety kit: helmet, wheels repair, padlock.

The cycle path is 36 km long, it runs along most of the walnut creek and through some villages of the Val di Sole, from Cogolo di Pejo till Mostizzolo. Is is suggested for families with kids, it is very easy and safe: just 565 meter of difference. It is possible to choose  different tracks, using the Dolomiti express (Train+Bike service) and Bicibus, for completing the ride or for going back to the starting point. There are various bike rent along the valley. 



the cyclepath starts in the village of Cogolo: after a little ascent, the track goes down along the wild part of the Noce river. Let you surprise by its magneficence and breathe the fresh air. 


From Ossana to Mezzana: the track is characterized by flate stretchs and easy descents, riding trhough the two suggestive villages of Ossana and Pellizzano. It will thrilling for sure riding at the bottom of the S.Michele Castle. 

From Mezzana to Daolasa: the descent continues, enjoy yourself visiting the World Championship race track in Daolasa or reaching 2000mt with the cablecars with the unique landscape that Dolomiti offer. 

From Daolasa to Malé: the easiest part of the whole cyclepath. It would be beautiful riding along the Noce River and the green grasses, maybe watching others having fun with a rafting experience!


From Malé, administrative center of Val di Sole, down until Mostizzolo through the apple ochards of the downvalley. It is possible to return back following the same track of taking the Train (where it is possible to transport bikes).



t's called Dolomiti Express , in service from June to September, a train that carries up to 80 bicycles. Our Centro Bike is directly connected with the Daolasa Train station with a wide free parking area. 

Download the complete map of the cyclepath.


Cyclepath bike rent:

Included helmet, puncture repair kit and paddlock

Cyclepath Bike AM 8:30 - 12.30 PM 14.00 - 19.00 Full day More days
Kids (until 24" bikes) 14,00€ 12,00€ 16,00€ 12,00€
Adult 18,00€ 16,00€ 22,00€ 16,00€
Kids trailer - - 10,00€ -
Kids seat - - 5,00€ -
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