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Our Bike Center in Val di Sole, where you can rent a mountain bike or pedal assistance bike, is directly connected to the cycle-path. We have wide free parking where you can leave your car and rent a bike. The train station is right above our car, so you can take the ciclable path, even entirely, and come back by train to the rent, or by riding.

The cycle path is 36 km long, it runs along most of the walnut creek and through some villages of the Val di Sole, until Mostizzolo Bridge. Is is suggested for families with kids, it is very easy and safe. And when you're tired you can use the "Dolomiti Express Train" to go back relaxed while you admiring a beautiful landscape.

It's called Dolomiti Express , in service from 27 June to 14 September, a train that carries up to 80 bicycles. There are various train stations located throughout the Valley. You can use as well a Shuttle-Bus covering the route from Marilleva to Cogolo . The valley is completely linked with ciclable path-bus-train!

Our Bike Centre is located just below the train station "Daolasa" strategically placed along the path. Big free parking for everybody. We will be happy to suggest an unforgettable tour for you and your family.

Family facilities

Services for you

confortable bikes for easy tours | seat post for kids max 22 kg | two-wheeled trailer max 2 kids max 40kg | helmets for your kids | bike with small wheels 12" 18" 20" 24" | special prices for big families | front bike basket for small dogswooden bike without pedals for teaching your children to find the balance | and much more

Bike lessons

Bike clinics

Basic skills

Specific course to lean you the basic skills of mountain bike: balance, breaking, moving on the bike, position of the body in different condition. We can help you many aspects of the mountain bike, just let us know which aspect you want to work on and we will be happy to give you special tipps on this.

Downhill skills

Special courses to give you specific advice about downhill technique, feet position, body position, breaking properly, how to turn in the best way, how make a jump and more more super interesting things that will make your downhill experience really fun and smooth.

Learn biking without side wheels

We are really good in learning your kids to leave the side wheel and start riding free. We experienced clever tecnique that will make this moment easy for the kids and for the parents too.


Bike guide

Local bikers

You have the possibility to have with you a local biker for an xco tour or to take you to discover the best trails in Val di Sole or the top enduro tracks. We can use lift, fully ebike, our shuttle or simple gain a single track with our legs.

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