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Bike Park Val di Sole

Bike Park Val di Sole

The bike park embraces a big territory starting from the intermediate station of the Gondola in Commezzadura: since 2006 it is a fixed and sole stage of the Moutain Bike World Championship in Italy. From the very top (1500mt of altitude) start 4 recently built trails, some are flow and other more natural: the Black Snake is the World Championship trail, open all year long, where riders can test their strength and their riding skills on a tricky path.  There is an comfortable and fast lift with 8 seats, able to transport 3 riders with 3 bikes. The Bike Park ends where the Four Cross track starts.

The lift will bring you to 2000mt of altitude where there are different huts, serving typical lunch and from where the enduro trails star its way back to the Valley and Commezzadura (little advice: use an enduro bike).


Opening dates:

  • Saturday 8th June 2019 - Sunday 29th September 2019


Bike Pass prices and timetable: 

Bike Pass allows bikers to bring the bike to the top on each lift of Daolasa-Commezzadura, Folgarida and Marilleva. Available in different options: 

The pass includes:

  • Gondola Daolasa -Val Mastellina I° e II° Tronco ► 08.30 - 12.30; 14.00 - 17.15 (area of Bike Park)
  • Gondola Folgarida - Malghet Aut ► 08.30 - 12.30; 13.30 - 17.00
  • Gondola Copai - Malga Panciana ► 08.30 - 12.30; 13.30 - 17.00


Bike rent and guides:

You can find our rent-maintenance-guides services at the Lift Station of Commezzadura. Visit our website and discover all the planned activities and rent prices! We suggest you book in advance in order to be certain to find the right models and sizes.  


Coming events:





Three trails with different difficulty combined to the well known WORLD CUP track, where every year the best riders from all around the world compete. You can savour speed on the GOLDEN EAGLE trail, completely renewed. We are currently renewing the intermediate trails (WILD GRIZZLY) and the easiest one (WHITE WOLF). North shore, jumps, paraboliche, rock gardens... everything is part of this bike park for a Val di Sole-like downhill style!

The Bike Park ends on a FOUR CROSS trail, where riders can have fun with jumps, parabolic curves and rock gardens.


Bike Map:

Download the bike gravity map of the Bike Park, which includes also enduro trails. click here to see the completed version.




The bike park at Passo del Tonale has been one of the most reworded in 2018! For the ascent, a fast chair lift can be taken, lift you at the top (2.200mt) where you can choose 3 different slopes, with different difficulties: easy, intermediate, advanced.

The print of the park is definitely the FLOW, our concept was to create a Bike Park which could be undertaken also by those who have never tired downhill before.. This does not mean that the more experienced riders can not be entertained, in fact there are several doubles  roadgap and insidious traits that will put to test the skills of the most experienced guide.

We indulged with the construction of numerous, specific and funny NORTHSHORE (boardwalks) of the strangest forms, come here and try them !!!


Opening period:

  • saturday 22 june - sunday 8 september 2019

Bike Pass:

A Bike Pass makes it possible for bikers to take their bikes to high altitudes. There are three version available: Daily (20 euros), weekly (6 days – 80 euros), or seasonal (150 euros), and includes the following lifts:

  • Seggiovia Roccolo Ventura (Temù) ► 8.30-16.50 (dal 6 luglio al 1 settembre 2019, fino alle 17.20 dal 28 luglio al 18 agosto 2019)
  • Seggiovia Valbione (Ponte di Legno) ► 8.30-17.20 (dal 15 giugno al 08 settembre 2019, fino alle 17.50 dal 28 luglio al 26 agosto 2019)
  • Seggiovia Corno d'Aola* (Ponte di Legno)► 8.30-16.45 (dal 29 giugno al 1 settembre 2019 e weekend 7/8 settembre, fino alle 17.15 dal 28 luglio al 26 agosto 2019)
  • Cabinovia Pontedilegno-Tonale ► 8.30-17.00 (dal 22 giugno al 08 settembre 2019, fino alle 17.50 dal 28 luglio al 25 agosto 2019)
  • Seggiovia Valbiolo (Tonale) ► 8.30-16.30 (dal 22 giugno al 08 settembre 2019)

Daily and weekly Bike Passes can be purchased from each individual ticket office; seasonal tickets are available for purchase only from the ticket office of the Cabinovia Paradiso at Passo Tonale.

Child FREE: Kids, who are accompained by an adult (born after 30.04.2009), will receive a free ticket same as their parentand last of the card purhcased at the same time by the adult (relation 1:1 = 1 adult e 1 child). In order to receive the free card, a valid ID card is required.

Rent and guide:

Servizio di officina, noleggio, assitenza e guida (per la guida è gradita la prenotazione). I modelli a noleggio sono: GT force X sport e GT fury elite.

 MTB* TEACHER 80 € 140 €


BIKE PARK (protections included)

40€ 50€


BIKE PARK (protections included)

70€ 85€

* guide is not manadtory, if needed, advanced booking is requested 

** half day means, moring until 13.00 or afternoon from 13.00 to 17.00



Upcoming events:


  • Lift Station Valbiolo Passo del Tonale (TN)
  • info@centrobikevaldisole.com - www.bikeparktonale.com
  • Pagina FACEBOOK
  • tel. +39 324 8270056



click on the map to zoom:

Gravity Bike Map:

Download the  bike gravity map of the bike park. click here to see the full version


Mountain Bike Map:

Scarica la cartina bike map percorsi mtb


Video Bike Park Trails:

Click on the name of the track to see the video on youtube (thank to the rider for uploading the videos!!)

Brochure Ponte di Legno Tonale Bike:

Download brochure bike with info and hotels

Webcam Bike Park Ponte di Legno Tonale:

Valbiolo Chairlift

Visit the full version website PONTEDILEGNOTONALEBIKE



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