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Young team XCO Val di Sole

Team for young xco bikers

Sacrifice and training are essential to become the champions of the future, and this not only with regard mountainbike, but in any sports and especially on every day live. Champions are not born, they become! This is why in 2009, we have created this course to trainee kids in mountain biking and to test their skills on different paths, in all weather conditions, training on natural obstacles or artificial paths.


The course objectives are:

  • the kids understand how to manage their physical strength, such as enhancing it and match it to the correct technique;
  • make them understand the importance of safety in mountain bike in the woods, but especially on the road;
  • stimulate healthy competition giving everyone the chance to compete with other riders during races, learning to accept defeat and to rejoice with the rest of the group for the victory, in keeping with his opponent;
  • take kids to the world of gravity with the right experience, without burning stages, once acquired the right skills that this course aims.

But above all to give an experience of healthy living beyond the two wheels, one that is in the most fun a child can have just pedaling.

Registrations are open all year round, you can try a couple of times to see if the bike is the activity that you were just looking for! For more information contact Cristian Vender tel: +39 349 3471787 - cristian@centrobikevaldisole.com.


Bike lessons

Mtb private and Group lessons and guides service

Do you want to improve your technical skills? Are you looking for ideal mtb tours? Our guides will drive you, answer to your doubts and show you the best places in our territory. 
You can choose from mtb front, enduro, downhill, cross country!

Mtb driving technique:  The driving technique is essential if you want to use mtb as a star and not as a beginner. Our teacher, qualified FCI (Italian Cycling Federation), will help you in improving your driving skills, making you an expert rider. 

Mtb downhill technique: Special courses to give you specific advice about downhill technique, feet position, body position, breaking properly, how to turn in the best way, how to make a jump and more super interesting things that will make your downhill experience really fun and smooth.

If you love to reach the top and strain is your only means, Val di Sole is perfect for you because you will find trails that meet your needs. We offer you all the difference in levels you want if you want to train or simply burn calories. We will define a route for you and if you like, one of our mtb guides will bring you to the top of the valley.


You also have the opportunity to have with you a local biker for an xco tour or to take you to discover the best trails in Val di Sole or the top enduro tracks. We can use the lift, fully ebike, our shuttle or simply gain a single track with our legs.



sportswear, bicycle or gym shoes, sunglasses, other to be defined according to the activity required


only bike guide

25,00 € - 1 hour (+ 5,00 € extra people)

80,00 € - half day

140,00 € - 1 day

Gravity team

Gravity Team Val di Sole

In 2016 we organized this team to give the opportunity to all local bikers to take part in downhill and enduro competitions. The Bike Center supports athletes by providing them the van for training and for moving to the race locations, a gazebo and bike tools. Special thanks to all the sponsors who have supported this project. For 2017 we continue this fantastic experience, opening the doors to new athletes. The races scheduled for 2017 will certainly be the circuits Gravitalia, National Downhill Series and Enduro circuit.

Lorenza Menapace

Atleth elite marathon

Lorenza Menapace has joins us! She is a big athlet, a beautiful person but most of all an example for the whole Centro Bike Val di Sole. Welcome Lorenza and thanks to join our Bike Family!



Curriculum agonistico:

Year 2012

2^ Place Craft Bike Transalp (stage race) – GER/ITA, 2^ Place Brasil Ride (stage race) – Brasile (BRA), 5^ Place Alpentour Trophy (stage race) – Shladming (AUT), winner challenge Trentino MTB, 1^ Place XCP – Bardolino (ITA), 5^ Place XCP Paola Pezzo – Garda (ITA). 1^ Place XCP Valdinon Bike - Cavareno (ITA), 4^ Place XCP Val di Ledro Bike – Ledro (ITA), 3^ Place XCM 100 Km dei Forti – Lavarone (ITA), 2^ Place XCP Lessinia Bike – Sega di Ala (ITA), 1^ Place XCM Plan de Corones Bike – S.Vigilio di Marebbe (BZ), 1^ Place XCM Gibo Simoni Marathon – Folgaria (ITA), 3^ Place XCO Brunico – Brunico (ITA), 1^ Place XCP La Vecia Ferovia – Ora/Molina di Fiemme (ITA), 2^ Place UCI Marathon Val di Fassa Bike – Moena (ITA), 1^ Place 24 hours Roma (ITA), 3^ Place XCP 3T Bike – Telve Valsugana (ITA), 2^ Place XCM Etna Marathon – Milo (ITA), 1^ Place 6 hours Dro – Dro (ITA)

Year 2013 

Silver medal Italian Championship XCM Etna Marathon - Milo ((ITA), winner challenge Trentino MTB, 3^ Place XCP Bardolino – Bardolino (ITA), 2^ Place XCO Carrè – Carrè (ITA), 1^ Place XCM South Garda Marathon – Medole (ITA), 2^ Place Sud Tirol Cup XCO Oetzbike – Naturno (ITA), 2^ Place XCM Marathon del Durello – S. Giovanni Ilarione (ITA), 9^ Place International Italy Series XCO – Chies d’Alpago (ITA), 1^ Place XCP Val di Non Bike – Cavareno (ITA), 2^ Place Sud Tirol Cup XCO Silandro – Silandro (ITA), 1^ Place XCP Dei Cimbri – Gallio (ITA), 2^ Place XCP Atestina Bike - Este (ITA), 2^ Place XCM 100 KM dei Forti – Lavarone (ITA), 8^ Place XCM Sella Ronda Hero – Selva di Val Gardena (ITA), 3^ Place XCM Plan de Corones – S. Vigilio di Marebbe (ITA), 1^ Place XCO dei Marock – Tremosine (ITA), 5^ Place Sud Tirol Cup – Brunico (ITA), 3^ Place XCP La Vecia Ferovia – Ora/Molina di Fiemme (ITA)

Year 2014

Winner Challenge Marathon Trek-Zerowind, 4^ Place Garda Marathon - Garda (ITA), 2^ Place South Garda Marathon - Medole (ITA), 2^ Place XCP Del Durello – S. Giovanni Ilarione (ITA), 2^ Place XCP Val di Non Bike – Cavareno (TN), 4^ Place XCP Celestino Bike – Andora (ITA), 3^ Place XCP Atestina Superbike – Este (ITA), 2^ Place XCM 100 dei Forti – Lavarone (ITA), 9^ Place Uci Marathon Series Sella Ronda Hero – Selva di val Gardena (ITA), 2^ Place XCM Dolomitica Marathon – Pinzolo (ITA), 2^ Place XCM Assietta Marathon – Sestrière (ITA), 3^ Place XCM Plan De Corones Marathon – S. Vigilio di Marebbe (ITA), 1^ Place Sud Tirol Cup XCO Brunico – Brunico (ITA), 1^ Place Val di Sole Marathon (Classic) – Malè (ITA), 10^ Place XCM UCI Marathon series Val di Fassa Bike – Moena (ITA), 1^ Place XCM Etna Marathon – Milo (CT), 2^ Place XCP D’Annunzio Bike – Gardone Riviera (ITA)

Year 2015 

Tre Valli Gara internazionale mtb - 8^ Place South Garda bike Trek zero wind - 7^ Place Up hill Ala RonChi - 1^ Place Val di Non Bike – Gara Nazionale 3^ Place Santo Stefano - gara nazionale 2^ Place Xco Le Cocche - gara nazionale 2^ Place Tremalzo Bike - gara nazionale 3^ Place Otler Marathon Bike - 1^ Place 100 km dei forti - 3^ Place Dolomitica - gara nazionale 1^ Place Sella Ronda Hero – CAMPIONATO DEL MONDO 27 Place Dolomiti Super bike - COPPA DEL MONDO 8 Place Plan de Corones Trek Zero Wind 3^ Place Campionato Italiano Marathon 4^ Place Soprazzocco - gara nazionale 1^ Place Val di Fassa Bike – COPPA DEL MONDO 6^ Place Basso buole Extreme bike 2^ Place Etna Marathon gara internazionale 1^ Place Su e Zo per i fosi - gara nazionale 2^ pPlace

Year 2016 

Up Hill – Ala Ronchi – 1° posto con record assoluto di ogni edizione Granfondo Garda Marathon (strada) – 5° posto assoluto Maraton Caoursale (umbria) 1° posto assoluto Triatleon Naturno – Oetzi – 1° posto assoluto Bike Maraton Rocky Maraton del Garda internazionale 8° posto assoluto 1° italiana Marathon Val di Non Bike – CIRCUITO NAZIONALE TRENTINO – 1° posto assoluto Marathon degli Etriuschi (Toscana) 3° posto assoluto Granfondo Alta Val di Non - 1° posto assoluto 100 km dei Forti Lavarone - - CIRCUITO NAZIONALE TRENTINO – 3° posto assoluto Dolomitica Super bike - CIRCUITO NAZIONALE TRENTINO – 2° posto assoluto Maraton Soprazzocco (Brescia) 1° posto assoluto Passo Buone Extreme Bike - Ala - 2° posto assoluto Etna Marathon – Internazionale – Sicilia – 1° posto assoluto Val di Sole Marathon - CIRCUITO NAZIONALE TRENTINO – 2° posto assoluto Tre T Bike Telve Trento CIRCUITO NAZIONALE TRENTINO – 1° posto assoluto TRANSALP 2016 – 3° POSTO ASSOLUTO DONNE INDOSSANDO DUE TAPPE MAGLIA DI LEADER CON N.1 VITTORIA DI TAPPA, N.4 SECONDI POSTI, N.1.TERZO POSTO E UN QUARTO Vittori assoluta femminile al Circuito Nazionale TRENTINO MTB, e vittoria assoluti nello stesso circuito come donna più forte in salita.

Year 2017

Trans Andes (chile) 6 days stage race 2^ place overall woman Up Hill - Ala Rochi 1° place over all Oetzi Triathlon 1 place over all Spaccapria xco – national 2^ place over all Predaia bike xco national 1^ place over all Maraton x bionic – 92 km 3100 meters 3^ place over all Dolomitika – marathon – 70 km 2800 2^ place over all Dolomiti Super Bike Maraton International 3^place over all Bike Transalp International 7 days stage race 2^ place woman over all Soprazzocco xco - national 2^ place over all Etna Maraton Tour 6 days stage race 1^ place (won every stages)



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