Enduro Escursionismo Ph M. Cappè (106)

Bike trails

Val di Sole best trails to ride with our rental bike


One of the best sport in Val di Sole

Departure from Bike Centre Val di Sole, transfer by bus to the village of Ortisè to 1500 mt. Uphill bike up to Baita Pozze to 2100 mt and then amusing single trak downhill passing from Lake Celentino and then the Malga Campo and then descend to the village of Celentino and the path back to the Bike Centre.



  • Bike Centre Val di Sole
  • Minibus transport to the village of Ortisè
  • Baita Pozze
  • Malga Campo
  • Bike Centre Val di Sole

Possibility refreshment:

At the Hut Campo

Difficulty: 4

Distance: 38,4 kmt.

Duration: 240 min.

Lifts: with the shuttle to the Ortisè village

Difference in height: 1308mt

Downhill: 1407mt

Ground: the uppil is forest road and the descent is funny and long single track

Recommended security: Knee and Elbow protection for the descent, helmet and gloves

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