Enduro Escursionismo Ph M. Cappè (106)

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Val di Sole best trails to ride with our rental bike


Enduro Trail

Departure from the Center Bike in Daolasa (800m), rising by bus to the village of Ortisè, climb on forestal road to the hut of Monte Bassa where, shortly thereafter, take the path of secular Larch. It goes through an ancient forest where larch trees stand out with their majesty. There is a larch of more than 700 years. From here along single tracks in slope you descend to the village of Mestriago not far from the Bike Centre.


Bike Centre Val di Sole

Minibus transport to the village of Ortisè

Malga del Monte Bassa

Larch trees path

Descent to Mestriago

Bike Centre Val di Sole

Possibility refreshment:

In Mestriago village
trail val di sole larici secolari

Difficulty: 4

Distance: 22,0 kmt.

Duration: 180 min.

Lifts: Minibus transport to the village of Ortisè from Centro Bike

Difference in height: 300mt

Downhill: 1129mt

Ground: Forest road first piece and then single tracks

Recommended security: Knee and elbow protection, Helmet and gloves

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